Visualizing the state of projects using geometric figures (follow-up)

Building a project status spectrum

In the previous post entitled "Visualizing the state of projects using geometric figures", it's possible to build a status spectrum for on-going projects with respect to time.

  • Define a set of variables: scope, time, budget, priority...
  • Choose a chart in which to display the variables. The chart has to represent all variables.
  • Each variable has a label and a value associate with it.
  • For homogeneity reasons, each value should normalized in order to fit a predefined range.
In this context the only fixed elements are the chart and labels of the variables. All the other elements vary with time.

T(1):Chart(1), T(2):Chart(2), T(3):Chart(3),...,T(n):Chart(n)

The "SUM" of all charts on the same timeline is the spectrum.
  1. A predefined finite timeline and variables represents the time frame of a project.
  2. An infinite timeline with finite variable represents an on-going project.
  3. An infinite timeline with infinite variables represents uncertainty.
  4. ...
To be continued ...

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