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A simple interactive example of a progress report based on the Earned Value method (part 2)

Another example of a responsive output graph linked to the previous post (input form) is the  cost and schedule performance index. CPI (Cost Performance Index): greater than 1 means under budget; less than 1 means over budget.SPI (Schedule Performance Index): greater than 1 means ahead schedule; less than 1 means behind schedule. In general, ideally, performance index greater than 1 means good and less than 1 means bad. But, each single case must be analyzed to get a better understanding of the situation at a given point in the project timeline, because greater than 1 might not necessarily mean good.

In this example, there is no relationship between the predecessor and successor instance within the graph, hence, each case is to be treated as a singular case. But, in a real project network diagram where all relationships between tasks have been set to place, snapshots of various patterns can be created. This will give the opportunity to recognize, at a glance, each single case, i.e., t…