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WBS & OBS Matrix Table

Organizational structures represent the enterprise grouping of resources to perform work. This work can be project or non-project related.

Once the WBS and OBS are developed the two structures can be intersected to generate a responsibility matrix table. Each Work Package or activity will have a WBS code and an OBS code indicating who is responsible for the delivery of what package. For most projects it is recommended that the first level of the WBS be time phased oriented typified by your organization’s system development methodology (Definition, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Installation, Training etc). Per type and size of the project, each phase can be decomposed in to more detail into smaller and more manageable components easy enough to assign clear responsibility for completing the task.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a methodical way of decomposing the project work into meaningful and logical smaller pieces for the purpose of planning and control. When completed the WBS should include all activities associated with the project scope.
It becomes the data dictionary for communicating on the project. Work Breakdown Structures have a child / parent relationship which means that it's possible to roll up and summarize any information from the lower levels and upwards. This is true for activity cost, resource effort and schedule information.

It can also be used to assign responsibility for groups of activities to different functional managers for planning and or accountability purposes.
It should also be used as the format for capturing and outlining changes to the project. One way of representing the WBS is to outline the format similar to a “Table of Contents” in a book.
An example could be:

Another way is to outline the format like a tree structure similar…